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People Watching
The world sees your bracelets
as intriguing style, trappings of
a distant culture to match
the fiery demeanour.
I see those bracelets
as a curiosity, hiding precious
inches of frayed skin betraying
stories bled out.
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Tell Me
Embrace me.
Taste blasphemy
teased from the corners
of soft lips crested
in a wistful grin.
Tell me you understand
now. Tell me the truth.
That we are divine
and gods among
Tell me we are free.
Because our old God
had nothing to offer
but shackles
and disdain.
Hold me close and whisper
your truth.
That you are scared,
but thrilled.
That you are alive
and this moment
will never happen
the same way again.
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Candles in a Tunnel
I remember the delicacy,
the dance.
Flickering flames
in a windless tunnel.
Scared to even whisper,
for fear of snuffing out
that creative glow.
But that dance defied
our reason;
our silence.
It was beautiful.
The way two ghosts
circle around the
one living connection.
Haunts too curious
to let go so easily.
We kept those flames lit
as best as we could.
That creative blue spark.
Because we understood
each other, until we
allowed time to diminish
the light in natural decay.
And now I have reignited
my melted and disfigured candle.
Chipped away the wax
to mold something new.
And that little flame is growing
in a new and
unexplored tunnel.
But here there are
winds and strange voices
speaking well above
that sacred whisper
that threaten to bring to
an end something so fresh
and vibrant.
And I close my eyes and remember.
Back when two ghosts danced
in quiet and contemplative
Because that beauty
is the very thing
that will keep this strange
blue flame alight.
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A Cautionary Tale
Pretty in pink bombshell
what a little cliche.
Grows tired of her playthings
and throws them away.
Daddy never said no
so she'll never grow.
Never know
she's a flat-out ho.
Take for granted
the good she's got
like a small child touching a stove
she'll be burned just to see it's too hot.
But that's her life.
She'll fill it with strife.
Crossing someone's wife
uncovering the trials of a lowlife.
Take these words
as a cautionary tale.
Because we all know this girl.
And know she will fail.
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I remember a place
where I was free.
When I knew that I was
A fucking goddess
weaving wonders
with each word carved
into the empty page.
When I was something more
than this shell.
When the world was more
than trials and
every new struggle
was a moment to grow.
I miss it.
That place.
My muse is a fickle bitch.
Trapped at the bottom
of wine bottles
and the burnt out
joints that litter my balcony.
I miss that place.
Where love was it
and none of these puzzles.
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Here there be Dragons
Pulse quickened,
eyes narrowed.
Start the chase.
Start the chase.
Palms sweaty,
limbs tremble.
Don't get caught.
Don't get caught.
Swallow nerves,
force a smile.
Just a taste.
Just a taste.
Time slowed,
feet miles high.
Ride it out.
Ride it out.
Focus lost,
nerves frayed.
Ignore the fall.
Ignore the fall.
Sheets pulled up,
guilt eating away.
Bury it deep.
Bury it deep.
Phone flashes on,
flip it over.
Just be quiet.
Just be quiet.
Wake up subdued,
find connection.
Tell the truth.
Tell the truth.
Pick up the phone.
Send a message.
Ask for help.
Ask for help.
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You Said Yes
Old habits die hard.
That god damned cliche
is painfully true.
Old habits die hard.
They fucking do.
As I inhale another
cigarette, unable to
stop myself from
Digging into a world
that I have no place in.
Digging into a past
that isn't mine.
And I will find that
sweet spot.
That name.
That clue.
That old habit.
And I will become
your fucking vampire.
Because I already asked
permission to be
let in.
You never said I couldn't
take a look around,
make myself at home
in the open and still
bleeding wounds you
try to hide.
Old habits die hard.
And I will drink myself
into a stupor,
chase them with smoke
and hate myself for it
in the morning.
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Everyone has a vice.
An itch for some
terrible fix.
And I am just as human
(even though I should be
a god...maybe
a devil).
Yeah, everyone has a vice.
Another promise to break.
A drink to down,
a pill to swallow.
Or, maybe,
just a ghost
to torment.
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I wanted to tell a different story.
Finding myself on a city bench with a cigarette between my lips and smoke swirling around my head in a halo of misshapen and misplaced desires
Drifting away on a rogue breeze stirred
up by a passing cab.
I wonder where they are going.
A young woman and man lost in conversation. I want to know their story.
But it vanishes as quick as the thought can enter my mind.
Nothing more than a pair of shadows. I do not know what defines them.
Just they are living and breathing somewhere else.
And I'm sitting here, with a cigarette between my lips
and a halo of smoke to disappear just as quickly.
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Let me shout outto the depths
Let me shout out
to the depths of this
The abyss of shattered
memories and idle dreams.
Do you remember?
Remember how it felt
to so delicately place
fingers on keys
Spinning new realities
to replace
worlds you could never
You couldn't run fast enough.
Your heart squeezed and broken
by circumstances you lied
about. Saying
they were better.
Then you come back to this
wasteland, shouting
The memories will fade.
And I stand on the other side
of the chasm.
Shouting back.
Embrace your choices.
You can't write your way
out of everything.
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Curious no More
There are no words.
No words to describe
the night.
Just primal needs
Found in the flesh
of an unfamiliar
Lips parted,
tongues dance.
Curious hands
"Not anymore."
Women are amazing.
Inexperience is endearing.
Delicate fingers
tracing features that
can only be found
by someone who knows
their own body.
No, there are no real
words for last night.
Just the cries of brilliant
against the body of
a girl
I only dreamed of having.
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When we were Immortal
Do you remember?
When words meant something
and you could feel
the meaning seep
through the page,
running with the ink
in calculated cursive.
captured in cryptic verse
and sweeping prose.
But then, as with all
things, memories
fade away with time
and meanings shift
with aging eyes
and jaded views.
Because idealists
and wanderers
and the seekers of truth
all grow up.
And yet, here we are,
reading through pages
of the past,
leafing through
profundity that mattered
years ago.
Before the memories.
Before age.
When we were immortal.
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"Mention this to me
And mention something
Mention anything
Mention this to me
Watch the weather
Watch the weather change"
- Tool
There is something about the changing seasons. Some indescribable magic as the leaves turn and the skies darken.
The change resonates with me. That childish part of me that holds onto the stories that wove their way through dried branches and unending shadow hidden through veils of rain.
The best stories, you see, are the ones that don't show themselves until you take the time to seek them out. Rustle up the old ghosts and faded memories that whisper in a leaf-filled breeze. Listen close and you'll hear them.
Dreams and wonders.
Ghost stories.
Happy memories echoed in the crunch of fallen leaves.
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Best Friends by chaoticedge Best Friends :iconchaoticedge:chaoticedge 2 0 A Good Night in a Pretty Dress by chaoticedge A Good Night in a Pretty Dress :iconchaoticedge:chaoticedge 0 0
Hullo Again
I remember the simple beauty of it; you know, that feeling of the edge of the world cut deep into novice fingertips. When I was Peter Pan, God dammit. Maybe just a lost boy. I could settle as long as there was an adventure at the end of the day.
So long as I never forgot how to fly.
But life is funny, and those cut fingers heal and dreams change their shape. Maybe they just get lost, I don't really know for sure. They drift, I think. With each passing day, they float along strange currents and drift in curious breezes toward new and unfamiliar land. Somewhere far from here, though. Far from calloused hands and tired eyes.
I forgot how to fly.
At least, that's the lie I told myself because it's easier to say you forgot than it is to say you chose to stay grounded.
I let those dreams drift a bit too far as I got caught up in fleeting (and beautiful) moments. Happy thoughts in new laughter...innocent reminders scattered about in toys strewn throughout my tiny home. All consuming, it would
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Just read one of the front page feature poems.

What trite highschool bullshit.

Really, DA?

I dig the visual work here, but I would be inclined to just scrap the writing community if the featured work would have gotten me a giant ass "F" on any assignment back in grade school.


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